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Master List Round One

And here we go! The Master List! If you want me to link to your journal/website rather than the community, just drop a link and I'll get it changed. Once again thanks to all you awesome people for writing such wonderful fics for each other.

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Mod Note

Thanks for sticking in there everyone! I am working on the master list now and it will go up later tonight. Please feel free to post your fics elsewhere at any time now.

I want to thank anyone who expressed their frustration with how this fest was run in a respectful and constructive way. Your opinions are valued, and I appreciate every one of them.

Apologies and great thanks to rosesofnight who picked up the posting slack for me.

Please rememebr to comment on your gift! It makes the author feel loved.

If anyone did not receive a gift and wrote one, please let me know and I'll make sure to do something special for you. Comments are not screened, so just send me a PM or email gleewinterfun@gmail.com. This goes with suggestions on improvement for future challenges I might run.

And to the anon who called me out publicly on gkm, if you ever want to deanon please do so I can know to whom I am apologizing.

For Community

Recipient's LJ Name: The original recipient dropped out, so this fic is for everyone!
Title: Winter Song
Pairing: Quinn/Rachel
Length: 1440 words
Warnings:watersports, age-difference, breast play
Summary: After a year of their lives crashing, all they want for Christmas is each other.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Glee or the song that is in title, which this fic is very loosely inspired by “WInter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

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For Kosherrainbow

Recipient's LJ Name: kosherrainbow
Title: Anytime
Pairing: Noah Puckerman/Dave Karofsky
Length: 3482
Warnings: swearing, mentions of a homophobic parent
Summary: Anytime you need a friend, someone you can trust...”

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For quietlyreading

Author: -
Recipient: quietlyreading
Beta: --
Title: Improvising
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Dave
Warnings/Spoilers: AU, mpreg,
Length: 1390 Words
Summary: Plans are one thing. What really happens is another.
Notes: Au in that Season One was their freshmen year, Two sophomore, and Three Junior. Though doesn’t reference canon into season three. They got together in senior year, went to separate colleges for the first year then Dave transferred. So set sophomore year of collegeFicCollapse )

Gift for quietlyreading/pinkchicklet

Recipient: quietlyreading/pinkchicklet
Title: It’s A Kind of Magic
Rating: R
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Category: AU, supernatural
Words: 5,600
Summary: It’s weird, but Puck finds himself wanting to spend Christmas with Hummel, despite the wings, pointy ears and other fairy aspects Kurt has.
Beta: Amazing trickster88
Disclaimer: I don’t own Glee, unfortunately.
A/N: I’m sorry I probably couldn’t manage enough sexytimes for the recipients’ liking, but I enjoyed writing this a lot. Hope you like it as well!

Hummel, you know what Christmas is, right?Collapse )

Gift for pancakespin!

Recipient's LJ Name: pancakespin
Title: The Trip
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Dave Karofsky
Length: 3730
Summary: Some times a simple trip becomes something more complicated.

The TripCollapse )

Gift for imaginaryglory!

Recipient's LJ Name: imaginaryglory
Title: It Beats For You, So Listen Close
Pairing: Quinntana
Length: 6826
Warnings: None
Summary: Until two days ago, Quinn thought she was going back to Lima, Ohio for the winter break and braced herself for yet another instalment of fine acting staged by the Fabrays every Christmas to convince themselves they were a family. But instead, Quinn found herself in a country which she knows little of, doesn’t speak their language and with the one person she least expects - Santana Lopez. She was prepared to berate herself everyday for that one decision, but thirteen days later, she thinks she never made a better one. College!FutureFic

Quinn watches as Santana pulls her jacket tighter around her body and rubs her hands together. The cold wind is blowing wildly as the two of them walk side by side, their shoulders bumping. The streets are noisy with cars driving by and occasionally they walk by some locals, but mostly, it feels like the peace is theirs.Collapse )

Gift for holdmetootight!

Recipient's LJ Name: holdmetootight
Title: Happy Working Song (or Four Times Kurt, Finn and Blaine Worked In Retail and the One Time It Was Totally Worth It)
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Finn friendship, brief mentions of Finchel
Length: 1500+>
Warnings: none.
Summary: Holidays are not the time to begin your career in retail. Also, big thanks to judearaya and joyasaurus_rex for betaing!

All I know is that if there is a trust fall involved, I’m out of here.Collapse )

Gift for sullyvann!

Recipient's LJ Name: sullyvann
Title: Christmas Proposal
Pairing: Blaine and Kurt
Length: 4100, more or less.
Warnings: Slash? I think that one’s obvious. Mmm I think there’s isn’t much to warn.
Summary: Blaine wants to propose, Kurt wants to organize the perfect Christmas and Burt tries to calm a really nervous Blaine down so he can do what he plans.

Christmas ProposalCollapse )